The Magister LMS is an extremely flexible platform able to support many different training scenarios with ease.

Explore a sample of supported trainign scenarios in the list below.
Train everybody, everywhere, anytime

The Magister LMS is the perfect solution for corporate-wide employee training. Magister covers training of all kids, including onboarding and development, continued education, compliance, certifications, events management, a resources center, and more.

Magister offers built-in support for all the traditional needs of employee training. On top of that, a host of advanced functionalities and options take the system to a completely different level.

For example, what truly sets Magister apart is the capability to use dedicated new hire layouts (graphic interfaces) to organize and present the onboarding content step-by-step, day-by-day, in a visual approach that pulls all the content they need at any given time, and organize it in a convenient sequential setup.

Customer Training is as much about actual training as it is about impressing customers to the point that they become brand ambassadors. Magister as a whole, and some of its advanced features in particular, enable organizations to deliver customers all the know-how they need while promoting the brand with cutting edge visuals and presentation.

Magister Channels, the powerful and flexible capability to create visual buckets of content and present them on the screen in a clear and engaging way, are a great example of a unique feature that can elevate customer training in a way that is not available in other platforms, all while showcasing your products.

The combination of Magister great flexibility and its comprehensive functions allow a wide range of training approaches, from a 1-on-1 dedicated session to broadcasting to thousands of participants.

For partnerships to be successful, both sides must have a clear understanding of responsibilities, procedures, and objectives. The Magister LMS is a perfect fit for the needs of partner training.

In organizations with multiple partners, some content is public and shareable, while some is private and individualized. A key requirement is that different partners can have different needs, procedures, and are not able to see or access the content of others. Magister is built with a structural approach based on domains and subdomains that makes the division of users, content, and resources simple and secure.

Organizations based on membership have very distinct training needs. Member training will typically have some general and some specific content geared to the nature of the organization. The Magister LMS can easily provide for all those needs.

Where Magister shines is how those needs are organized and delivered, through a set of proprietary functions and capabilities. That is paramount for members to get excited and engaged, which in turn drives the growth of the organization and leads to more motivated and convincing ambassadors.

Some industries and organizations base their business on the recruitment and enrollment of participants for the most diverse objectives. The numbers of participants can be small or very large, limited to a specific area or group, or spread all around the world, all while using many different devices and languages. This makes for a very unique and wide set of requirements. Traditional LMS systems are not able to support such initiatives.

Magister is different. At CSoft, we call Magister an xLMS (Extended LMS) for good reason. Magister comes fully loaded with an array of powerful and useful functions that go beyond what a traditional LMS can provide.

For example, in the clinical research industry, the management of clinical studies requires advanced capabilities to cover multiple complex and specific needs. They can include data collection for initial enrollment, account creation and distribution to additional systems, general and specific training for participants, multiple certifications, and many types of notifications, reminders, and reports. The Magister platform has all of that covered, and much more.

The Magister LMS was designed from the ground up to be extremely flexible.

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