Clinical Research Industry
CSoft provides innovative, technologically-advanced products and solutions for some of the leading CROs in the world.
From sponsors to worldwide sites, CSoft makes it easy and cost-effective to support rosters and sites management, sites data collection and enrollment, participants (study coordinators, principal investigators, technologists, etc.), training production and publishing, assignments management and notifications, certificates management, and much more.

In the clinical research industry, CSoft has a long proven track record of experience and success supporting CROs all over the world.

Over the years, CSoft has introduced some of the most advanced technical solutions in the industry:

Flexible and dynamic LMS systems
Automatic and semi-automatic data collection
Integrated assessment and survey centers
Highest security standards
Automatic compliance and audit trails
LMS, portals, sites and sponsors support, participants support, patient education, whatever your training and helpdesk needs, CSoft has the experience and technical expertise to help you meet your goals.

Contact us to discuss specifics and samples in your industry.

We let our clients do their work... by not having to do ours.

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