Unmatched LMS Support
Extensive built-in support, expert CSoft Helpdesk and Support team, and dedicated Concierge Services group, all make Magister a leading LMS platform.
Tiered support and concierge service take care of all aspects of the day-to-day LMS operations and support; from roster management to content production and publishing, assignments to notifications, reports to tracking of all records, all the way to a full helpdesk solution that guides and supports users.
Magister is offered with a
Software As A Service

licensing and hosting model
Advantages For Customers:
  • Eliminates concerns regarding infrastructure
    (hardware and software maintenance included)
  • Automatic and transparent system updates
    (we take care of all the software and platform updates)
  • No management nightmares
    (IT and LMS admin headcounts provided)
Magister supports all industry standards to automatically import and publish content, but, more importantly, it provides a built-in content authoring solution that allows clients to quickly and effectively create and publish content in several different ways: either by using easy-to-use pre-built templates in Excel or PowerPoint, or by using the full power of the authoring environment directly in the system. This combination allows producing virtually any type of course, assessments, surveys, events, and documentation assets to cover every need of any organization.
Magister’s unique design and implementation make the platform a rare solution that can satisfy organizations of any size: from small vertical companies to large worldwide structures. CSoft will seamlessly grow with the client.
Magister installations are hosted in state-of-the-art datacenters, with the highest level of security and redundancy, SSAE 18 SOC 2 certified, EU Annex 11 and FDA Chapter 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, HIPAA and PCI compliant. Backup and recovery measures are in place at different levels, on-site and off-site. Platform security makes extensive use of session controls, encryption, hashing, and a host of preventive and monitoring solutions.
Magister integrates automatically into your Single Sign On (SSO) initiatives through the SAML industry standard with built-in connectors for Azure, Okta, Ping, and many others.
CSoft also offers custom integration capabilities and external login options.

We let our clients do their work... by not having to do ours.

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