The Magister LMS roboust and capable design is ideal for many advanced vertical implementations.

Explore a few samples of verticalizations in the list below.
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The Magister LMS covers all training needs for any industry. Magister includes a comprehensive set of functions to use the system for data collection, processing, and archiving. This makes it the perfect solution for Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) to support their needs in any type of Clinical Study.

Participant sites can be assigned different types of forms (SQ, SIF, SIS, etc.), either on-screen or as a PDF file, which can virtually enter any kind of information. The information can then be simply archived or processed for further use.

Information being collected is not limited to data; users can be required to also include additional attached files (i.e. original documents, certificates, samples, etc.). Specific people, groups, sponsors, or even external partners, can be notified when data has been uploaded, as well as sent a copy, if need be.

More advanced capabilities are also available for further processing of collected data. Magister can be set to parse the data into a specific format (i.e. XML, JSON, etc.) and pass it to other systems for additional processing (i.e. storage, automatic account creation, etc.).

Magister is used every day around the world to support hundreds of clinical studies, with sites spread in almost every country and continent (excluding Antarctica). Thousands of Study Coordinators, Principal Investigators, Technologists, Sponsors, and other professionals, rely on Magister to get their sites enrolled, onboarded, certified, and patient-ready.

The undisputed power of the Magister LMS, combined with the first-class Helpdesk and Production Team, give CROs the peace of mind to partner with CSoft, and know they can focus on the core of their business, while CSoft covers and supports the everyday needs of the sites' users.

The Magister LMS has the power and flexibility to adapt to specific needs in any industry. Magister offers many functions and an underlying structure that allows for advanced customizations to be integrated into the system. This is a unique capability for LMSs on the market, and one that has been leveraged many times for many different organizations.

A great example of expansion by customization is the Pharmacy Locator for the pharmaceutical industry. This adds a great tool to the LMS at the disposal of the sales force. Representatives can locate pharmacies that have stocked their products within a certain amount of time. Searches can be filtered per specific product(s), zip code, city, state, etc.

The tool receives and imports the data from multiple sources, consolidates it in a database, and offers it live to users for consultation and to organize their next trips in their territory, all in a simple interface perfectly integrated in the LMS.

The custom capabilities of Magister make it possible for organizations to offer, in a centralized and completely branded place, a comprehensive platform where employees can go to for training, reference materials, branding materials, and a host of dedicated tools and aids to make their job more organized and efficient.

The Magister LMS was designed from the ground up to be customizable and expandable, with virtually no limits on special functions that can be added. In time, CSoft has worked on countless expansions for the most diverse needs of our corporate clients. There is a reason we call Magister the xLMS (Extended LMS).

Think Magister is for training only? Think again. Take the Trading Pre-Clearance addition for instance. Preventing insider trading is necessary to comply with securities law and to preserve the reputation and integrity of listed organizations, as well as that of all persons affiliated with it. No officer, director or employee shall be permitted to buy or sell stock prior to successfully completing the pre-clearance questionnaire. This process allows an organization to confirm that an individual is not in possession of material, non-public information.

Magister can handle the process automatically, based on any type of equity and stock options, for particular trading windows during the year, or even for specific groups in the organization. The data is collected and kept for review at any time, clearance can be automatically notified to any desired party, and many types or reports and audit trails can be leveraged if necessary. All of this is available in a simple, branded interface perfectly integrated in the LMS.

The Magister LMS was designed from the ground up to be customizable and expandable.

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